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Исполнитель: Skrein

Название: Reach

Продолжительность песни: 04:42

Добавлен: 2015-03-28

Слушали: 712


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Текст песни:

blud you ever met sandra?
light skin ting, marga
got 4 babys by 3 fathers
she thought each one was the one
till they up and run
hit the road and scarpered
each one don't amount 2 jack
she's in her council flat
thinking 'those little bastards
so heartless
let me all alone
4 kids at home
and go darked it'
but sandra's a hustla
thinking 'i aint no busta,
i'm a get paid, get made however
them city girls i see on street aint no better
i'm a use what my mum gave me
don't pet star, i'm a get dark
so she'd get cark and push her legs part
let the mans bore tru 4 true no lesser
she figured she was allways getting banged by mans
so she might aswell get a little money in her hands
she couldn't get a job had no time
but she put it in her gob the whole time!
the sket of the manner
you can here the babys crying when you bang her
belly of the beast - no glamour, don't clamour
just make sure you strap up with a rubber when you bang her
I heard sandra's youngest turned two now
her oldest turned sixteen and moved out
mum's bucking shines in her youts house
and you wonder why the yout don't wanna see you now?
but sandra's still down on her knees
she can make a man cum wid the greatest of ease
but what about her k-i-d?
thats life in the belly of the beast

ok so i met this brae called dave
dave hung around the weatherspoons all day
playing fruit machines
seeing who he'd see
all the old drunks and chavs was his mates
he spent half the time rolling up notes
putting all that white powder in his nose
and before he could see he was out of control
he was out in the cold when he ran out of the coke
then one day he woke up bleeding
out his nostrils but he was still fiending, for a next hit,
so he reached in his bag for his stash he had left from the last evening
thats when the drugs don't work
all there doing now is just making it work
at 11am he was sniffing up dust
on some hype-hype flex instead of going to work
but thats life in the belly of the beast
where many souls perish in defeat
6 feet deep
go sleep and don't wake up
with shit stained pants and no make up
16 years young her name was josephine
eyes wide shut, skin like aubergine
found by her marge, too late to resuscitate
on christmas eve man she could of chose another day
poor josie
too young to die but old enough to O-D
theres no peace
when theres no G-O-D
die lonely, slowely
now josies gonna get blessed by the priest
when there burying her body underneath
J-O-S-I-E : thats written on the wreath
live from the belly of the beast


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