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Исполнитель: Clooney

Название: Wham Bam (OST Королевы крика)

Продолжительность песни: 03:41

Добавлен: 2016-01-10

Слушали: 579


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Текст песни:

Friday morning on the train
I got my black suit on my office pumps again
Work is such a bitch she wants it yesterday
Nobody hears a word I say say say
Can't wait for the time
When I can shed my skin
You can't read my mind
But if you're wonderin'
I'm somebody else
You ain't met me before
I'll put my real face on
And open the door
Wham bam here I am
Goddess of the glitter glam
Yes catch a breath
Gotcha eating out of my hand
Wham bam thank you mam
Now I'm here the party is on
Wow check me out
Don't know what you've got till it's
Friday nights were made for this
I got my red dress on with slits right up the back back back
Lipstick check, hot cherry red, a perfect ten
And there ain't nothing wrong with that that that that
DJ knows what to play
Needle droppin the sounds
Pump the beat through my veins
Ain't no stoppin me now
Takin over the room
When I'm out on the floor
Get your game face on
And open the door
Boys they really like me
Girls all wanna fight me
Looking for some action
Give it up, live it up
Turn the freakin' music up.

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