AC/DC - High Voltage 1975 Stick Around - ac dc high voltage текст песни

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Исполнитель: AC/DC - High Voltage 1975

Название: Stick Around

Продолжительность песни: 04:30

Добавлен: 2015-05-24

Слушали: 852


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Текст песни:

You've been smiling lately baby
You've been singing in the bath
You've been acting like a lady
Not a dirty photograph
Then tonight you came home early
Packed a bag or two
It's been worrying me honey
Just what you're gonna do, ooh
Stick around, yeah, stick around
Stick around, baby, stick around
Well you came on like a hurricane, hey
About a month ago
Blowing like a stiff breeze
Always on the go
All the good times that we had baby
All stayed in the past
All the good lays that I get
Never seem to last
Stick around, yeah, stick around
Stick around, baby, stick around
Come on baby, sit on this
What have I been doing lately
To make you wanna go
I take you out dancing
Honey we can go out to a show
Spend a night romancing
Nights out on the town
Listen to me baby
You'll be glad you stuck around
Stick around, yeah, stick around, oh honey
Stick around, yeah, stick around
Stick around, around, around, around, around
Stick around, c'mon baby stick around don't let me down
Stick around, yeah, stick around

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