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Исполнитель: AB/CD

Название: The rock n' roll Devil (Tribute to AC/DC)

Продолжительность песни: 04:11

Добавлен: 2017-01-16

Слушали: 927


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Текст песни:

Yeah, Yeah !
Yeah, he's comin'back....

Guess who just came up here all the way from hell
Down from the glow and the terrible smell
He's heard the rumours, there's a competition
He wants to win so well

Come here with speakers, come here with amps
if you put it all together, 10 000 decibels
There's no way to beat him
his fingers are too fast
Hendrix tried to beat him
Poor Jimi came in last

Come on Yngwie, come on Ritchie Blackmore if you dare
Eddie Van Halen's just a big joke
He's really nothin'to compare

'cause he's the
Rock'n'Roll Devil - With the guitar bite
Rock'n'Roll Devil - and he's high as a kite
He's playin'the blues, drinkin'the booze
- Who plays the loudest level ?

Come here and try him you masters of the fast
Noone can beat him, noone in the cast
Their marshalls goes to 10, but his goes to 12
Daddy Lucifer made them in hell

You better practise and fight for your fans
But your speedy fingers won't stand a chance
You oughta face it and smash your guitar
With him as a competitor you won't be a star

Come on Yngwie, come on Ritchie Blackmore you will fail
Steve Vai is so much slower
That you can take him for a snail

- He

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