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Исполнитель: Zack Hemsey

Название: The Way (интерстеллар)

Продолжительность песни: 07:06

Добавлен: 2015-12-03

Слушали: 369


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Текст песни:

This is not the right way

Some have said that I was given keys to the city of your dreams
I'm more content to walk outside the walls and catch a breeze
I'm more inclined to climb on by or ride internal seas
I'm more alive to vibe inside a mansion full of trees
I do this for a reason that they can't pretend to glean
I lose myself infused in something more than what they've seen
I'm not a slave to greed
I don't embrace your make believe
I've never been for sale no matter what they think I need
So let it be decreed
Let this music serve the deed
Let it spread like a disease
Let it spawn a noble seed
There's more than meets the eye
There's more than meets the price
If you can't see the sky there's too much artificial light
I can't predict my path, but they can't fully see my past
I'm running from the flash but heading straight inside the blast
A mountain full of ego built upon a heap of trash
Is exactly what you get when you can't fully do the math

This is not the right way
But this is my way

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