Young Maylay Welcome to Grove Street GTA San Andreas OST - young maylay san andreas ost

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Исполнитель: Young Maylay

Название: Welcome to Grove Street (GTA San Andreas OST)

Продолжительность песни: 01:26

Добавлен: 2015-02-22

Слушали: 529


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Текст песни:

Welcome to San Andreas I’m CJ from Grove St. Land of the heinous gang bangers and cold heat. In Los Santos neighbors get no sleep beefing with anybody competing even police. Four deep in a green rag wit gold feet blast with the flag on the strap that’s OG. Stay in shape hit the gym lift the weights get super cut or big and buff nice and straight. You got stats respect, weapon skill stamina muscle fat and sex appeal. You get clothes from Bincos and Prolaps Suburban Zip Victom and D Sach. Watch your back when you in rival hoods they’ll test just to guess if your survivals good. Ducking shells at the Cluck’n Bell jump out busting gunning till they tuck they tail. It seem like I’m on impossible missions twisted predicaments hostile positions. Tennpenny and Polaski harass me cop cars been on our ass the last past week. Because the Dreas for the gangsters homeboy hands is the language for the bangers homeboy. And its dangerous homeboy get your brains blew for how you do your fingers homeboy. Heat cocked we popping them hot one’s dump them out bend the block shaken before the cops come listen for sirens but they don’t got none back another lap catch a straggler with a shotgun. Hittin them up what that Grove St. like in a dirty sling shot and old Levi’s.

Видео клип Young Maylay -- Welcome to Grove Street (GTA San Andreas OST)
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