Tyga feat. A. Perfecct & Lil Wayne Faded Remix - tyga feat lil wayne faded перевод

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Исполнитель: Tyga feat. A. Perfecct & Lil Wayne

Название: Faded (Remix)

Продолжительность песни: 03:30

Добавлен: 2017-03-02

Слушали: 598


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Текст песни:


Bitch (bring it back, another word) -- she a flapper
Rihanna, make it rain, Umbrella
Jay-Z, but Kanye, not a rapper
Chris Brown, kick ass, and again Rihanna
If a track go hard then they know, it's "A"
Blow weed, make money of the same thang
You talking 'bout, who's richer and better
Matter of fact your favorite rapper say that I'm the better rapper
Twenty-one, white boy, without a label
Spit better than most motherfuckers with major
Fu-Fuck an iPhone, te-text me on my pager
I-I can lay your girl, I can lay a wager
She gave me a call, said, she gon' head to me
Means, in 20 min she'll be giving some head to me
... wait, I bet that bitch wanna fuck,
But look at me now, I'm too fucked up,
I'm ...

CHORUS (Tyga):
I'm faded, faded, faded
My nigga I'm faded, faded, faded
My nigga I'm faded, faded, faded
My nigga I'm faded, faded, faded
My nigga I'm faded, faded, faded
My nigga I'm faded, faded, faded
My nigga I'm faded, faded, faded
My nigga I'm faded, faded
And I don't give a fuck

VERSE 2 (Tyga):
Fuck is up? nigga's stomping in my Chucks
Yeah I make it rain dear, cause I'm all 'bout my bucks
You should put them in the front, di-dick up in her cunt
And I put it in her hole, holy, one, putt-putt
Ergggh, Su-Super McNasty
Why you McLovin when the bitch call me daddy
Pimp, no caddy, she wish she never had me
Treat her like a dog, call the bitch Lassy
Young savvy, bang her like Cincinnati
Above average, f-fly like I'm Aladdin
They bend backwards, th-throw the pussy at them
I'm Ben Wallace, dunk up in your basket, haha
Uh, balls in the air, no games I'm serious, double dare
There's too many bitches, why these niggas wanna stare
Pat Ron up in here, nigga this ain't no beer


VERSE 3 (Lil Wayne):
Mama, there go that monster
Abracadabra, Magic Johnson
My motherfucking doctor said I need a doctor
So I called House, now I am a pill popper
Faded like skinnys, Young Money we winning
I told her if I change, she won't get a penny
Milking this shit, pregnant bitch titties
Bringing home the bacon, I'm fuckin' Miss Piggy
Loaded like a semi, send me naked pictures
She knows my dick, she call that nigga Richard
Prior to me cumin, I had to stick my thumb in
Her ass one time, smell my finger, make you vomit
Flyer than a hornet, the shoe fit I worn it
She tried to jack me off, can't beat it, join it
Tunechi, poochie, that what she call it
Flag Scarlett, I killed it, mourn it


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