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Исполнитель: слон и принцесса

Название: someone not me

Продолжительность песни: 03:04

Добавлен: 2015-04-14

Слушали: 464


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Текст песни:

I can't do this anymore
Wasted way too many thoughts
I hate to swallow your fantasy
'Cause this is the real me

I'm done not offending anyone
Pretending not to be the strong
So take these words 'cause they're choking me
But better not so long

'Cause what it all comes down to
Is I don't want to be you


Tired of pleasing him
Hate this feeling
I'm being in a box
That I can't breathe in

I'm breaking free now
Gotta be now
Sorry if you had imagined me to be
Someone not me

Must confuse me with someone else
Like a mirror image of yourself
But let me make it obvious
The difference between us

I'm not your little miss-well-behaved
I'm not some chick that can just be changed
You think you can bare me out shape
You must be delirious, 'cause

All I want is really want is
To get away from all this


Did you think I would have figured out
How you're planning on changing me
Did you think I would just play the part
(But you can't break me)

I'm tired of pleasing him
I hate this feeling
I'm breaking free now
Gotta be now

Sorry that I liked you
Sorry if it's not true
Sorry you refused to see
Sorry if I stopped you
Sorry but you gotta
Wake up to reality
Sorry if you picture me to be
Someone not me

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