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Исполнитель: Шрек 2

Название: Вальс из шрека

Продолжительность песни: 01:31

Добавлен: 2017-01-12

Слушали: 730


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Текст песни:

There is something that I see,
In the way you look at me,
There's a smile there's a truth in your eyes.
What an unexpected way,
On this unexpected day,
Could it be, this is where I belong.
It is you I have loved all along.

There's no more mystery,
It is finally clear to me,
You're the home my heart searched for so long.
It is you I have loved all along.


Oh, over and over,
I'm filled with emotion,
Your love, it rushes through my veins.
And I am filled with the sweetest devotion,
As I look into your perfect face.

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