Семен Слепаков Сегодня отец Онуфрий Освятил Бугатти Вейрон - семен слепаков бугатти вейрон текст

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Исполнитель: Семен Слепаков

Название: Сегодня отец Онуфрий Освятил Бугатти Вейрон

Продолжительность песни: 03:42

Добавлен: 2016-06-05

Слушали: 242


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Текст песни:

Today, the father Onufrii
Consecrated the Bugatti Veyron.
Such a fucking wheelbarrow
I've never seen it.
He consecrated the Maserati
He consecrated the Porsche
But only on a Bugatti
He felt something in his soul.

Multiplying the mass of the machine
The number of horses
And adding to this amount
The price of incense and candles,
He asked for a job
Fifteen thousand cu
Having said that, for less
You can not consecrate these things.

Before the wonderful sports car
Night he prayed
And stuck in the glove compartment
Ten of the most trusted icons.
In a white saloon sitting
Onufrii sang a psalm,
To devilry
Left clean interior.
Wonderfully swinging a censer,
He saved the stray car.
And for brake pads
I have read the seven most powerful prayers.
For the spoiler and windows,
Parktronic and crankshaft
Two days of standing on her knees,
He punched his forehead against the ground.
During the on-board computer
And for Front Axle
Week father Onufrii
Kept very strict fast.
And in order to heat and cold
Worked climate control,
Personally, he begged God
Exercise control.

And that car sped,
Leaving only a pillar of dust.
But exactly one minute
Bugatti crashed into a pole.
Onufrii prayed perfectly,
But he left out one thing:
Prayer does not help,
If the driver is in the shit.

Fortunately the driver survived.
Only a couple of scratches on it.
But the father Onufrii
Was excommunicated from the church.
From above he said:
"There is no fault of yours,
But we have such a reputation
Employees do not need. "

And I realized my father Onufrii,
What robe wearing a temper.
And now the father Onufrii
In the "interns" playing doctor.
He is fabulously popular
He demanded scary.
And soon, perhaps, will buy
Statement Bugatti Veyron.

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