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Исполнитель: Prussia & Germany

Название: Пруссия считает овечек и мешает спать Германии xD

Продолжительность песни: 09:49

Добавлен: 2016-01-11

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Ещё песни Prussia & Germany
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Translation by spaceinvaderdud on Livejournal
Prussia: All right! Snug as a bug in a rug!

Germany: *sigh* Brother... I'm going to say this one more time so listen carefully. I still have work t-

Prussia: Now listen and revel at my awesomely crazy cool sheep counting!

Germany: *sigh* Seems like I'll just have to play along for the moment. Well, he should be bored of this as soon as he counts a few.

Prussia: Oh yeah! Here I go!

Prussia: One awesome sheep over the fence! Two awesome sheep over the fence! Three awesome sheep over the fence!
Four awesome sheep over the fence! Five awesome sheep over the fence! Six awesome sheep over the fence!
And then there's seven, eight, nine, and ten awesome sheep over the fence!

Prussia: HOW'S THAT, WEST? I bet you're so tired now that you'll doze off any time now!

Germany: My eyes are actually wide open now. I feel like going back to work now.

Prussia: Ahh. Figures that 10 sheep wouldn't put you to sleep.

Prussia: The Italy brothers also counted a bit more than that.

Germany: Brother... Don't you think there's another problem besides the number of sheep?

Prussia: Huh? And what would the problem be?

Germany: Well, I think there's no way a regular person would actually fall asleep if you yell your count at them this close.

Prussia: Really? Well, you should fall asleep if you just close your eyes and you're calm and quiet.

Germany: That's right. "If you're calm and quiet.", that is...

Prussia: oh... Well, if that's what you say West, then I can adjust my counting a little to your needs!

Prussia: Here I go!

*Resumes counting until 2:00. Counts up to 19 sheep*

Prussia: 20 sheep over the fence. HAWEKACHOOYAHEY!

Germany: Whoa! Are you all right, Brother?

Prussia: I sneezed and now I'm bored of this!

Germany: Hey!

Prussia: I leave the rest to you, West!

Germany: Don't just give me your job!

Prussia: Aww well, if you insist you spoiled sweet boy.

Germany: Aren't you the one who insisted on counting to me?

Prussia: That's true but...

*cheep cheep*

Prussia: Huh?

*Cheep cheep*

Prussia: You hear something?

Germany: Yes. It's the usual chick. He's right on your head.

Prussia: Woah, you're right! Ohhh! I just love petting the little guy. It just feels great.

Prussia: Speaking of petting, I bet it'd feel really good to pet a sheep since they're all fluffy!

Germany: I'd have to agree with you there.

*cheep cheep cheep*

Prussia: *laughs* You don't need to worry, little guy. You'll always be my top animal!

Prussia: Hey, I've got an idea, West! As long as we're counting, let's count chicks instead of sheep!

Germany: ...Do you really think that'll work?

Prussia: Never know until you try, right?

Prussia: Okay, I'm going to count!

Prussia: 21 chicks...in the nest. *cheep*

Prussia 22 chicks...in the nest. *cheep cheep*

*Continues until 4:06. The cheeping and count stops at 30 chicks*

Prussia: Being surrounded by fluffy sheep while you're sleeping sounds good and all,
but I think it'd feel really good to sleep surrounded by chicks too, West.

Germany: Chicks, huh? They look so soft, so I'm afraid I might crush them.

Prussia: Oh, don't worry about that. Chicks aren't that squishy! Right?


Prussia: Huh? Where'd the little guy go?

Germany: It seems like he flew away somewhere while you were in the middle of counting.

Prussia: I see...

Prussia: Hmm? West! You actually seem even more awake than before.

Germany: Yes. My fatigue is down because I was able to lie down f

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