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Исполнитель: Oscar Benton

Название: Bensonhurst Blues (1972)

Продолжительность песни: 03:35

Добавлен: 2016-05-14

Слушали: 437


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Текст песни:

Bensonhurst Blues (Oscar Benton) 1972

Bay Parkway wonder
You're such a success
Your pretty secretary, ha
She say you are the best
Your face always smiling
Say you sure paid your dues
But I know inside
You've got the Bensonhurst blues

Those custom-made ciggies
That you offer to me
Pretend and pretend to care
About my family
And those pictures on your desk
All them lies that you abuse
Do they know you suffer
From the Bensonhurst blues


Your grandmother's accent
Still embarrasses you
You're even ashamed
Of the French you once knew
You're part of the chance now
They break you making the news
But I know inside
You've got the Bensonhurst blues

But thanks for the lesson
Cause the life that I choose
Won't make me feel like living
With the Bensonhurst blues
And don't, don't try to write me
And don't bother to call
Cause I'll be in conference
Merry Christmas you all


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