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Исполнитель: Натали

Название: Улыбочка

Продолжительность песни: 02:20

Добавлен: 2017-01-29

Слушали: 311


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Текст песни:

The dynasty rides this icon forever
It bring freedom and disgrace
Easy rider through your town all night and day
And the street code has the operation sewn tight
Carry this flag as your banner
This is a war against all of the system tonight
Now, I'm lost forever with my brothers for life
The dynasty rides this icon forever
If you can't be trusted, don't show your face
Closed casket funeral for who any disgrace
And the street code says,
There is no loyalty amongst thieves
These rides are set for who believe
This could be your last time
Don't ever cross this line
Carry this flag as your banner
Don't call it criminal
Call it outlaw

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