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Исполнитель: God Module

Название: Brainz

Продолжительность песни: 04:55

Добавлен: 2015-09-02

Слушали: 470


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Текст песни:

"Why do you eat people?
Not people, brains
You eat them?
The pain
What about the pain?
The pain of being dead"

Can you tell me where to go now
That all is lost & we don't know how
To make it different to make this right
The truth doesn't matter in the absence of life
I see no way to resolve this
To make believe we are far beyond this
Controlled by hunger I'm falling out of control
The world's cold when you're dead & alone

Come with me - Take my hand
I promise you there's no promised land left
For us to reach - For us to see
One day soon you'll be the same as me
Not alive - Not living
Recently deceased - My heart's not beating
Something that was but now is not the same
Come closer let me eat your brains

Not people, brains

Tell me how could this happen
I tried to be good so I'd go to heaven
But now hell has found its way to earth
Is this some kind of joke - Or some kind of curse
I thought that Jesus loved us
Why else would he make us promise
Not to kill and not to cheat
But now I see his children as pieces of meat


"In the fall of 1969, the Dow Chemical Company
Under contract with the US Army
Developed a series of secret experiments
On a new biological weapon called 2-4-5 Trioxin
According to reports, the chemical was a catalyst engine used in reactification
What this meant and why Trioxin was useful has never been revealed
But one thing is certain
Trioxin was soon considered too dangerous and volatile even for experimental use
Interest in the lethal compound was abandoned several years ago
The army will not comment, other than to say
All Trioxin has since been destroyed"

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