Elton John Without Question OST Дорога на Эльдорадо - эльдорадо песня

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Исполнитель: Elton John

Название: Without Question (OST Дорога на Эльдорадо)

Продолжительность песни: 02:27

Добавлен: 2016-06-03

Слушали: 368


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Текст песни:

The more I learn, the more I see
The less the world impassions me
The hungry heart, the roving eye
Have come to rest, do not apply
The frantic chase, the crazy ride
The thrill has gone, I step aside

I'd believe in anything were it not for you
Showing me by just existing only this is true
I love you, I love you, without question I love you

The more I want the more I steal
The more I hold the less is real
All worldly things I follow blind
In hope not faith was paid in kind
The line is drawn, the change is made
I come to you, I'm not afraid

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